MRL Game Score Reporting Instructions

Referees will NOT report scores – Score reporting is the responsibility of the HOME coach or team manager.  

To report the score for a game all that is needed is the phone number, event ID, pin ID and game #. The first three are listed below and the game #’s can be found next to each game on the individual team schedules.  The entire process will take less than 2 minutes and the scores will be immediately posted.   The other option is to download the  GotSoccer app for your respective phone and update the scores on your phone,  GOTSOCCER can  assist if necessary.  Simply call their technical support line at  904.746.4446.

  • Gotsoccer Score Report Website – Click HERE
  • Gotsoccer score report line:  904.758.0875
  • Spring 2018 MRL Event ID: 63874
  • Spring 2018 MRL Pin #: 2777



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