2019 Black Canyon Invitational

Montrose, Colorado

Mandatory Check In

Teams must check-in a minimum of 1 hour prior to your first match.   Check in will be at the Sunset Mesa shelter Saturday morning beginning at 6:30 am.  Failure to check-in results in automatic disqualification (without refund of fee) from the tournament. Games not played by a disqualified team will be classified as “Forfeits” or “Byes” as determined by the Tournament Director.


At the Mandatory Check In, teams must provide the items listed below under one of the two options for required credentials:

  1. Rosters & Cards
    1. 2 Team State Sanctioned Rosters ( one will be kept by tournament officials)
    2. Laminated ID card from USYSA, AYSO, or US Club Soccer for each coach and player indicating that their birth date is verified.  Otherwise, birth certificate or passport is required.
    3. Medical Release Form & Consent to Treat.
  2. Picture Rosters/Game Cards
    1. 1 State sanctioned roster indicating birth date verification by State. Otherwise, birth certificate or passport is required.
    2. 2 Picture Roster/Game Cards for the first tournament match printed using MRL procedures – must include passport pictures of all players. (one will be kept by tournament officials)
    3. Medical Release Form & Consent to Treat

Guest players must provide the same credentials as rostered players.

Any team NOT FROM the Region IV states ( Alaska, Arizona, California North, California South, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming) must provide USYSA travel forms approved by their respective state association.

No Player Pass, No Play!


UO9 and U10 Teams may register a maximum of twelve (12) players.

U11 and U12 Teams may register a maximum of sixteen (16) players.

U13 to U15 teams may register a maximum of eighteen (18) players.

U16 to U19 teams may register a maximum of twenty-two (22) players.

A team may have up to four (4) guest players.

Teams utilizing guest players are limited to the maximum roster sizes listed here.

Players must have documents available to verify age, if challenged.

Number of Players on the Field

U09-U10: 7 v 7

U11 and U12: 9 v 9

U13 and up : 11 v 11

Rules of Play


FIFA Laws of the Game apply as modified by USYSA as described herein.

U09 and U10 teams: will play offside, and will have one referee.

U11 through U19  teams: will play offside, and will have three referees.


Duration of games and overtimes ( by halves) and ball size are as follows:

U09 – U12

Prelim ( group stage) 25 minutes

Semi-finals 25 minutes

Finals 30 minutes

Overtime ( per half) 5 minutes

Ball Size: Size 4

U13 – U15

Prelim ( group stage) 30 minutes

Semi-finals 30 minutes

Finals 35 minutes

Overtime (per half) 5 minutes

Ball Size: Size 5

U16 – U19

Prelim ( group stage) 35 minutes

Semi-finals 35 minutes

Finals 40 minutes

Overtime (per half) 5 minutes

Ball Size: Size 5

*Preliminary games shall be terminated five (5) minutes prior to the scheduled start of the next game, regardless of the amount of time played in each half up to that point unless the schedule has been adjusted for inclement weather.

A game is complete upon competition of one half of play, regardless of the circumstances of termination during the second half with final results based on the score at termination. A preliminary game can end in a tie.

** Semi-final or Final games, if tied after regulation, will continue with up to two overtime halves. A goal scored during overtime ends the game (Golden Goal). If a tie still exists after overtime halves in a Semi-final or Final game, penalty kicks will determine the winner. Penalty kicks immediately follow the game. Players taking the penalty kicks may be chosen from the whole team.


Halftime is five (five) minutes long


Free substitution is allowed in U9 – U19 age  groups; however,teams may substitute only with the referee’s permission, only by entering at the half line, and only at the following times ( including overtimes):

  1. Prior to a throw-in, by the team in possession
  2. Prior to a goal kick, by either team
  3. After a goal, by either team
  4. After an injury when the referee stops play, by either team
  5. At halftime, by either team
  6. On a caution, only the cautioned player may be substituted at that time.

Player’s Equipment

Shin guards are mandatory for all players. It is at the Referee’s discretion whether to allow a player to play wearing an orthopedic cast or hard brace. WITH APPROPRIATE PADDING/PROTECTION.


All coaches have total responsibility for the conduct of their players, friends and spectators at all times. Coaching from the sidelines (giving direction to one’s own team on points of strategy and position) is permitted, provided:

  • No mechanical devices are used
  • The tone of the voice is instructive and not derogatory
  • All coaches and substitute players remain outside of the area within (10) yards of the half line, except for players entering and exiting the field
  • No coach, substitute, or spectator makes derogatory remarks or gestures to the referees, other coaches, players, substitutes or spectators
  • No coach, substitute, or spectator uses profanity or incites in any manner, disruptive behavior

Cautions and Ejections

A player receiving two cautions ( yellow cards) in a single game is considered to have received an ejection (red card) for the purpose of awarding points for the tournament competition. A player who has been ejected (sent off) cannot be replaced. A player or coach who has been ejected cannot return for the game and is not allowed to participate in the next scheduled game. A player who is ejected for violent conduct or serious foul play is not allowed to participate in the next two (2) scheduled games. Any player or coach who assaults a referee is expelled from the tournament. For the purpose of this tournament, a coach can be carded. An ejected coach shall remove themselves at least 200 yards from the field of play and an assistant coach or designated parent will assume team coaching duties from the bench area. Failure to comply will result in the match being terminated and the opposing team declared the winner by score or forfeit, whichever results in greater points awarded.

The home state association, CSA, or member thereof and the home club, MSC, shall, except in the case of referee assault or abuse, have the responsibility for imposing, should circumstances warrant, additional penalties within their respective jurisdictions with regard to any matters arising from the tournament or games.

Suspended Games

If, in the opinion of game officials, a game must be terminated for misconduct of players, coaches, or spectators, the offending team forfeits that game and may be suspended by the Tournament Director from all remaining games. All previous points earned remain as played. Additionally, the home league and state association are contacted as appropriate.


A delay of the game due to injury results in appropriate time being added to the full game time, based on the judgment of the referee; however, all preliminary games are terminated not less that five (5 ) minutes prior to the scheduled start of the next game.

First Aid

First Aid services are available at all fields during the tournament. A Field Marshal is on site to direct participants to first aid services as well as to other medical and ambulance services. Ice is available for player injury use.

Tournament competition Determining Winners

Teams are awarded points on the following basis:

  • Six (6) points for each win
  • Three (3) points for each tie
  • Zero (0) points for each loss
  • One (1) point for each goal scored up to a maximum of three(3) per game
  • One (1) point for each shutout
  • Minus one (-1) point for each player or coach ejected
  • 0-0 tie is scored as four (4 ) points for each team (3 for the tie, 1 for the shutout)

In the event of a tie in points at the end of bracket play, the winner for advancement or placement play is determined as follows:

      1. The winner in head-head competition
      2. Fewest goals against
      3. Most goals for
      4. Most total wins
      5. Most shutouts
      6. Goal differential
      7. A drawing by lots ( As recommended by the CSA,tournament manual)

In the event of a three-way tie at the end of bracket play, the winner for advancement or placement is determined above, without consideration for comparison of head-to-head competition to eliminate one team. Advancement for the remaining two teams is determined as above with consideration for head to head competition.

Pre-Game Check-In

Player Cards & Roster

Player cards and copy of tournament roster or picture rosters must be provided to referee at on field pre-game check in. Teams failing to provide the following will forfeit game(s) 1 – 0.

The referee will return player cards and tournament roster or picture roster to their respective coaches at the completion of the game.

Home Team

The home team is the team that appears first on the game schedule. The home team supplies the game ball, which is subject to referee approval. The home team is required to switch to alternate jerseys if a color conflict is declared by the referee. If the home team cannot supply alternate jerseys, the home team forfeits the game. Both teams must be located on the same side of the field and spectators on the other side of the field. The home team chooses the team side of the field and the half of the field where the home team will be situated.

Forfeits and Byes

Teams failing to report ready to play within five (5 ) minutes of the scheduled kick-off time, home teams unable to supply alternate jerseys, or teams failing to register at Mandatory Check-In forfeit the game(s) with a score of 1 – 0. The winner is awarded eight (8) points (6 for the win, 1 for the goal, and 1 for the shutout). The same points are awarded for a bye.


No protests are allowed.


The Tournament Director or his/her designee settles all disputes and the decision is final.

Inclement Weather Contingency Plan

In the event of inclement weather, The tournament director reserves the right to modify all tournament rules to fairly and safely complete the tournament. The health and safety of the players is the first priority. The second priority is to protect fields and facilities. All decisions are guided by these principles. Coaches are asked to remain flexible because there may be opportunities to switch game locations to facilitate successful completion.

Modified game schedules do not affect tournament scoring.

As a result of inclement weather, the tournament director may implement one of the following:

  1. Eliminate pregame warm-ups on the field ( to protect the field), game times to continue as scheduled.
  2. Eliminate pregame warm-up on the field ( to protect the field) and shorten all first-round games to no less than 15 -minute halves.
  3. If the interruptions alter the schedule so that 15 -minute halves are not possible, then the games are decided by penalty kicks in accordance to FIFA law if the score is tied at the time the suspended game is terminated.

From the time the referee crew takes the field, it is the referee’s decision to suspend play due to inclement weather. The Tournament Director, Field Marshals and/or Tournament Officials make all inclement weather decisions with regard to game lengths and shootout decisions. Coaches will be informed of any anticipated changes in the schedule during player check-in or as soon as possible prior to scheduled games. In the event of lightning, the 30/30 rule shall be applied unless local technology is available to ascertain lightning proximity. The 30/30 rule applies to flash/bang counts of under 30 seconds and a wait of 30 minutes before resumption of play after the last occurring/recurring flash/bang count under 30 seconds. This shall apply unless local existing technology indicates all clear with regard to lightning.

Refund Policy

No refunds shall be given after the September 20, 2019 application deadline except in the case of inadequate numbers of teams to fill a flight.

Full refunds minus costs of setting up the tournament ( e.g. gotsoccer fees) will be given in the event of cancellation of the tournament for any reason.

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