Grade 8 Referee Clinic February 1st – 3rd!

New referees are needed for the spring soccer season!  The MSC has scheduled a Grade 8 Clinic for February 1, 2, and 3, 2013.  A Grade 8 Referee can be the center referee or assistant referee for any of our Southwest League games. The clinic is 17 hours with the specifics as follows:

The $75 class fee will be reimbursed by the Club after you referee two games.  Referee’s also get paid each game by the following schedule:
U12 – $22 center, $16 assistant/line
U14 – $28 center, $22 assistant/line
U15-18 – $49 center, $33 assistant/line
Please consider helping support soccer in Montrose by becoming a referee.  We also may hold a Grade 9 Clinic the following weekend, which is a 9 hour course, but is less useful because a Grade 9 referee can only assistant/line ref our Southwest League games.  Stay tuned for more info on this potential clinic.


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