Spring 2019 Registration Is Open

Spring 2019 Registration is open and the deadline for registering without a late fee is February 4.  After that time there will be a $25 late fee.  On February 19,  the Board will meet and determine rosters for each team we decide to register as a Club with the Colorado Soccer Association.  You will be notified what team your child will be playing on by your coach at some point after that meeting.  In age groups where we have two teams, rosters may not be announced by the coaches until after a two weeks of practice.  All teams must be registered by February 20th, which is the reason for the early registration deadline.  Teams will practice Monday and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning March 11th.  Games in the Mountain Region League will be played on weekends from April 6th through May 25th.

All instructions are listed under the REGISTRATION TAB.  If you have any questions or difficulties please email us at:  montroseavalanche@gmail.com or info@montroseavalanche.org.

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