Parents and Supporters of the Montrose Avalanche Soccer Club,

Did you know our Club is run by volunteer coaches, team managers, board members, tournament organizers, marketing/PR professionals and more?

Did you also know that our Club is a local non-profit and that donations to the Club are tax deductible?

Did you know that our Club receives generous grant funding from a variety of foundations/non-profits including the Montrose Community Foundation, the Montrose Rotary Club, Valley Food Partnership, and the Colorado Soccer Association?

Did you know that YOUR business OR family can sponsor or donate to the Club and that the money will be put right back into programming, equipment, training and scholarships?

We are working hard to raise additional funds to help us meet our future goals for the Club. Will you consider helping? Would your employer? Would your neighbor or friends? Our Club is not only building strong soccer players, but also developing future leaders who know how to work with a team and the value of hard work!

There is a level for everyone, and EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS and will be put to good use for the kids we serve. If you don’t own a business, please consider a family sponsorship/donation. Your family name will be included just as a business will. Tax forms will be sent for every donation. Thank you for your consideration, and if you have any questions please contact Lori Sharp (volunteer sponsorship coordinator) at lasharp@me.com or 970-275-6965. If you are willing to help fundraise (write thank you notes, solicit business’, run a small event, etc.), please also contact Lori.

– The Montrose Avalanche Board of Directors

Montrose Soccer Club Sponsorship Opportunities

Interested? Please contact the Montrose Avalanche.

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