Soccer Referees Needed!!

In order to provide high quality officiating for all our home games, the Montrose Soccer Club is in need of new referees, particularly adults. We would like each team to have at least one parent that is certified to be a referee so that we can effectively cover all our games with qualified referees.  There are two grades of referees that are qualified to officiate matches in the Mountain Region League.  Grade 9 is the lowest level of certification and only requires completion of an online course that can be accessed through the link below.  An individual as young as 12 years old may take the Grade 9 referee course and can officiate recreational matches and serve as assistant referee for competitive matches.

Grade 8 is the most common certification level for referees in our area and requires online coursework and the completion of a 4-hour classroom session and a 5-hour field session to get hands on experience.  Grade 8 referees must be at least 14 years old and can referee and assistant referee competitive CSA matches.  If interested, you can find information regarding referee certifications and register for available courses at the below link.  Referee pay increased significantly for the 2016/2017 season in an attempt to attract additional referees, please see the below link and table for additional information.  In addition, the Montrose Soccer Club will reimburse the course fee and recertificaton fees for anyone who referees a minimum of 6 games for the Montrose Soccer Club during a calendar year.

Referee Information & Course Registration Link

Full Referee Pay Information Link



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