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If you received an e-mail from the Club directing you to register your child with the Avalanche for Spring 2016, you have found the right place.  Please click on the online registration link below that applies to your child to complete the registration process.

PREVIOUSLY REGISTERED AVALANCHE PLAYERS WITH NO CHANGES TO ADDRESS, MEDICAL INFO & ETC...– If your child has played with the Avalanche before and your address and contact information or medical insurance and emergency contact info has not changed, please click on the following link:  Easy Online Registration

NEW AVALANCHE PLAYERS or PLAYERS WITH CHANGES TO ADDRESS, MEDICAL INFO & ETC… If this will be your child’s first season with the Avalanche or your contact information, address, or medical insurance and emergency contact info have changed please click on this link for Full Online Registration: Full Online Registration

HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS  – If you are registering to play Avalanche with the High School Girls this fall please register using the above two methods depending on your situation, but make sure to select the $0 FEE OPTION at Checkout because you will pay your fee to the Booster Club and they will pay the Avalanche for their two teams!

Please e-mail Emily Cohick at or call her at 275-8522 if you have any questions, need your login and password for Gotsoccer or any other assistance completing registration. 

FEES –  Cost for the season is $135.00.  This fee is intended to fully cover League fees, equipment for each team, and maintenance costs for the fields.  Depending on finances the Board may choose to cover the partial or full amount for teams attending a Tournament during the Fall 2015 season.  You can pay with a credit card, debit card, or e-check and pay in 3 monthly installments ($45, $45, $45).  In addition, we offer a family discount of $20.00 for every child registered after the first per family.  To access the family discount you must set up a family account with, instructions for doing so are linked below.  Please consider paying with an E-CHECK instead of a credit card as it costs the Club significantly less in transaction fees, which helps us keep fees as low as possible.  A $20 late fee will apply to registrations received after February 1, 2016.  

Family Account Setup Instructions

SCHOLARSHIPS- Need based registration scholarships that cover half of the registration fee are available upon application.  If you would like to apply please use the link to the application below.  Scholarships are not available for uniform costs. 

MSC Scholarship Form 11-18-2014



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