Congratulations to the teams that won their divisions at the Black Canyon Invitational!


U10 Boys Division:
Champion – Montrose Avalanche 07
Runner-up – Montrose Avalanche 08/09


U12 Boys Uncompaghre Division:
Champion – Montrose Avalanche 05/06
Runner-up – Crestmore/Cranmer Knighthawks


U12 Boys Sneffels Division:
Champion – Pagosa Youth Soccer U12 Rangers
Runner-up – Delta County YSA DC Force

U14 Boys Division:
Champion – Montrose Avalanche 03/04 Red
Runner-up – Durango U14 United Blue 03/04










U14 Girls Division:
Champion – Crestmore/Cranmer Blackhawks
Runner-up – Montrose Avalanche 03/04



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