Coaching Resources

Background Check & Concussion Certification

Concussion Training – Click on this link to access required concussion training for coaches.

Background Checks – Click on this link to access the Colorado Soccer Association (CSA) background check registration process.

Coaching Courses and Education

There are a couple of main organizations that offer courses that can lead to coaching certifications, links are provided to both of them below:

US Soccer Digital Coaching Center

Create a US Youth Soccer Coach Profile and complete Introduction to Grassroots Coaching Course, which is required for all Avalanche Coaches at US Soccer Digital Coaching Center

United Soccer Coaches

Take courses with an international coach education organization at United Soccer Coaches Resources and Courses

Game Score Reporting

Game Score Reporting Info – Click on this link to get instructions for reporting game scores

Coaching Links – Drills & etc…

US Soccer Best Practices for Coaching

Coerver Colorado Skills Building Page Drills

David Clarke’s BetterSoccerCoaching

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